Susan's First Snowflake

by Susan Taliaferro©2000

This is my first attempt at a snowflake and writting the pattern for it.

It was part of the newbie exchange and my partner was Deb Holliday.

You will need:
  • 5/8 in 4 hole button
  • #8 Perle cotton
  • Shuttle
  • Crochet hook for joins if shuttle is not pointed.

Wind shuttle with 2 yards of Perle cotton DO NOT CUT from ball (uses continous method for both rounds).

Round 1
R: 8 DS join in any hole of Button 8 DS Cl ring. RW
Ch: (4DS P)4, 4DS join into same hole of button
* Ch: 4 DS join to last P of prev. Ch. 8DS P 8DS P 4DS join into next hole in Button.
Ch: 4 DS join to last P of Prev. chain (4 DS P)3,4 DS RW
R: 8 DS join into same hole of button 8 DS Cl. ring RW
Ch: 4 DS join to last P of Ch. (4 DS P) 3, 4 DS join into same button hole.

Repeat from * 3 times.
Ch: 4 DS join to last R of prev. chain (4 DS P) 2, 4 DS join to 1st P of first chain made 4 DS join to base of first ring.
Tie, cut and hide ends as you desire.

Round 2
Remove any thread from shuttle and rewind with 2 1/2 yards of Perle cotton. (remember do not cut it!)
*R: 4 DS P4 DS join to center P of any 3P chain of 1st round 4 DS P 4 DS close ring. RW
Ch:(4 DS P)4, 4DS join into last free P of next chain in prev round.
Ch: 4DS P 4DS donot RW
Ring (2DS P)5. 2DS Cl.ring
Do not RW
Ch: 4DS P 4DS. Join into first free P of next ch in Prev. round.Ch (4DS P) 4, 4 DS.*

Repeat from * 3 times.
Last chain is joined to base of first ring.

TIE cut both ends 4 to 6 inchs long, knot ends together for your hanger. ENJOY!

This is my first snowflake design. Please share with your friends (just give me credit for it!)
Thanks Susan Taliaferro

R:  ring ch:  chain
P:  picot RW:  reverse work
prev.:  previous Cl.  Close