Anglican Prayer Beads, designed and tatted by Jeannie French Anglican Prayer Beads

For Shuttle Tatters

Pattern designed and tatted by Jeannie French
© July 2003

Shuttle directions by Gale Marshall

* Size 10 thread * 1 cross * 32 beads (3 of which can be different if you want to use them as Divider Beads.) ch - Chain
* 3-way connector bead. * Fabric glue to secure thread ends HS - Half stitch

This piece is made using beads and half stitches. A half stitch is the first OR second part of the double stitch. As you tat, your work will twist, make sure that the stitches fit snuggle together. This half stitch causes the chain to twist and is called a Josephine Chain or Spiral Stitch.

Take 8" of thread as core thread and add 2 beads