Tatted Jewelry

Unsure of your sizes for bracelets and necklaces? Here is a table that will help you. I hope you don't find you need one for earrings! LOL

These numbers have been gathered over the years; I wrote them in my Beader's Companion because I kept losing them. I hope you find them useful.

Newborn 4"
3-6 months 4.5"
6-12 months 4.75"
18-24 months 5"
2 yrs 5.5"
3 yrs 5.75"
4-5 yrs 6"
6-7 yrs 6.5"
8-12 yrs 7"
Ladies Small 7"
Ladies Med/small 7.25"
Ladies Medium 7.5"
Ladies Med/large 7.75"
Ladies Large 8"
Mens 8-9"
Chocker 16"
Collarbone 17-18"
Just below Collarbone 20"
At neckline 22"
Below Neckline 24"
Below chest 30"

Pointed Petal Earrings to practice your beading techniques.
I have made up a page for Shuttle Tatters and for Needle Tatters.
Level: Novice.

Kim's Basic Beaded Earrings, as requested.
More bead practice and you get to play with long beaded picots too!
Level: Novice.

Mark's chocker pattern...
Instructions for shuttle tatting.
Level: Intermediate.