Select  view image to see how big I can be!  IF YOU DARE!King Tat's Mummy

Design by Carol Amich
© October 2000

This is a pattern which uses two shuttles wound CTM, two 4mm black beads, 6 yellow seed beads, cotton pearl size 8. Load 6 yellow beads , then two black beads, onto the working shuttle.( So that the first ones you use will be the black) Slide bead up between double stitches where indicated by B. All picots are small joining picots.

B =Bead RW =Reverse Work SS=Switch Shuttles SR= Split Ring

Begin at Head. All joins are shuttle joins (lock joins)

SR 3B3/6
SR 3B3 /6 SS
Ch 14 + end of opp. eye RW SS
Ch 1-15+ end of opp. eye RW SS
Ch1-16 + p of prev ch RW SS
Ch 1-20+ p of prev ch SS

R 5-2 SS

Ch 1 + end of nearest eye, 1,+ p on ear
Ch 4 + eye on thread surrounding bead, 4 + btw eyes, 4 + eye thread
Ch 4 + end of eye RW
R 2 + p on ch, 5 - 2 SS
Ch 2 +p on ear, 4 - 4+ btw eyes, 4 - 4 + picot join (base)on ear RW SS
Ch 4+ p, 4-4 + p on prev ch, 4+ base of ear RW SS
Ch 6- 1B1B1B+1B1B1B1- 6+ base of ear RW SS
Ch 6+5-3-5+6+ at base of ear.
Cut and tie, finish ends

Each join is to adjacent picot of prev. row. You will be joining the row beneath where you are tatting. All joins are lock joins.

RW SS after every row.
A) Ch 1-4-4+2-2+4-5
B) Ch 1-4+1-5+5-1+4+1
C) Ch 1-5+6-3+2-3+1
D) Ch 1-3+5+2-4-3+1
E) Ch 1-3+1-3+5-5+1
F) Ch 1-5+7-1+4+1
G) Ch 1-4+3-9+1
H) Ch 1-4-5+3-4+1
I) Ch 1-4+4-4+4+1
J) Ch 1-5-3+3-5+1
K) Ch 1-3-2+3-3+2-3+1
L) Ch 1-3+4-1+2-3+3+1
M) Ch 1-4-2+3+5-2+1
N) Ch 1-2+6-4+4+1
O) Ch 1-4-3-1+4-4+1
Do not RW here. Continue from this exact position to start leg.

( All joins are normal joins. Picots are 3/8")
Ch 2- ( for 6 picots), 2 SS

R 5-5 SS
Ch 2- ( for 8 picots, gradually making them smaller on the last 3 to create an ankle) , 2 RW
Leg will tend to curl on the way to the foot. Spread the stitches to make it straighter.

R 15-3 RW
R 3+8 SS
Ch 2+picot (8 x), 2,+Ring, 2+ picot (6x), 2 + p on body with lock join. Leg will tend to curl while joining picots, so pull the working shuttle thread a little more taught to straighten it before joining to body.
Ch 4 + p on body RW SS

Leg # 2
Ch 2+ (6x), 2 SS
R 5-5 SS
Ch 2- (8x), 2 RW straighten leg.

Foot (heel first)
R8-3 RW
Ch 1 RW
R3+15 SS
Ch 2+p (8x), 2, + ring, 2+p (6x), 2 , straighten leg, then join to body at hip
Cut and tie. Finish ends

Mummy is upside down. Join thread to lowest p on right side of shoulder.
Picots are 1/4 " and joins are normal joins.
Ch 2- (5x) 2 SS
R 4-4 SS
Ch 2- (6x), taper last two picots to make wrist, 2 RW
Straighten stitches

R6-2 RW
Ch 1 RW
R2+14 SS
Ch 2+ (6x), 2, + Ring, 2- (5x ), 2
Straighten arm and join to body at 4th row of chains.*
Cut and tie.

Arm # 2
Turn mummy over so you will be working from the right side again.
Repeat arm * to*

Any time you have to finish ends, you may hide them OR you may want to leave them out and fray them for a more "Ancient Mummy"