Ki's Teddy Bear

by Ki Huls ©2000

The number of double stitches in the chains are what worked for me; You can alter the whole look of the bear by adding more stitches to make him "portly", or skinny him up by making less stitches. The pattern below is for the earring, but it can be adapted to almost anything.

Rings off Split Rings (RSR)
  1. Start the split ring with shuttle #1 making the stitches normally.
  2. Pick up shuttle #2, and tat the unflipped stitches you need.
  3. Remove the ring loop you are working on from your hand.
  4. Using #2 shuttle, make a ring with flipped stitches.
  5. Put the original split ring loop back on your hand and continue making the unflipped stitches.
    You can make as many rings off of the sr as you like.
    Note: ONLY on the UNFLIPPED half of the split ring.
  6. When you are done, pull the split ring closed.

Pattern for my Teddy Bear

r ring   ch chain
ds double stitch sr split ring
- picot --- long picot
cl close rsr ring off of split ring (use #2 shuttle)

Two shuttles required

shuttle #1   2 ds
shuttle #2   3 ds (rsr: 12 ds cl) 15 ds (rsr: 10 ds cl) 3 ds
        (rsr: 6 ds --- 1 ds (+ to long picot) make it a double picot
        3 ds - d3 repeat --- 1 ds + to long picot 6 ds cl)
        3 ds (rsr: 10 ds cl) 15 ds (rsr 12 ds cl) 5 ds
        close sr rv
ch: 15 ds join to ring that is the foot. (join over the chain)
ch: 15 ds join to arm the same way
ch: 16 ds join to picot on head between the double picots
ch: 16 ds join to other arm
ch: 15 ds join to leg
ch: 15 ds tie to end, and hide threads

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