Identities have been hidden to protect the special members of this nuttery.

Members can be identified by the NATA number tattooed on their chests.

NATA # 250

Until a few days ago, I would have said that I like tatting a lot, but am not nutty about it enough to "qualify" for NATA.......... HOWEVER, in the last few days that has changed.

About 3 days ago, I was working on a butterfly wing. The pattern was being particularly difficult for me to understand, and upon finally figuring it out, a light bulb popped on. Suddenly I understood how the rings and chains were going to make a butterfly wing!!!

Since then, I have been working, not on completing that butterfly, but on a design of my own. I did not consider myself nuts just yet, though. That happened in the middle of the night last night.

I had been working on my first design, when suddenly a second one came to mind...... little pictures like a visual pattern in there (unfortunately, the numbers for how many stitches are not included)....... and I was sitting up in the middle of the night talking to my dH (he is on 2nd shift right now) and 4 MORE came to mind..... written down and drawn out this morning. Of course, none are near completion...... they all must be tatted, and counts made, etc., etc.

I don't know if 6 solid ideas in 2 days will "qualify" me or not, but I sure think it makes me NATA material!!!

NATA # 251

Well I have been hooked on tatting for awhile but the other night I believe that I earned my membership.

I have a habit of tatting in bed to relax; that night, my DH was reading and the cat was fascinated with my dangling 2nd shuttle. I must have dozed off but was awakened by my DH shaking me and laughing; apparently I had fallen asleep but since I was doing a simple repeat my unconscious brain kept the hands going. I was sleep tatting. He has told me in the past that I have been dreaming and been making shuttle motions with my hands, but this was a first!!! It was then I realized that I am NUTS (well about tatting at least!)

NATA # 252
NATA # 253
NATA # 254

How’s that for a family affair??

Okay I am ready to officially become a "nut" and join NATA.

I have been tatting since something in my early teens. I taught myself out of a book and didn't actually see anyone tatting until several years later. Even now I have really only seen one elderly lady tat and then of course the one I have taught. Both of my kids tat, NATA 253(age 26) and NATA 254 (age 24), have both been tatting since about the 5th grade.

NATA # 255

Our Nacogdoches /Lufkin, Texas, groups are to have a Lace Day in June. My project is a display board showing:

"Tatting Shuttles of Yesterdays" and "Tatting Shuttles of Today" so would like to be able to show one of the NATA shuttles for all to see that we are "NUTS" when it comes to having a collection of tatting shuttles.

I started tatting in November 1984, when my mother got really upset with me that I had never learned. She had tried to teach me a number of times, but I would soon give up that it just was not "my thing" since I could crochet and knit --- also do all other crafts.

One afternoon in November 1984, she had been to visit a friend who wanted to learn to tat. Mother knew the friend was doing something wrong, but could not figure out just what since the ring would close, but not the right way. When I got home from work, my mother looked at me and said, "YOU MUST LEARN TO TAT!!!!" Then explained where she had been and what she had tried to do. She told me about the friend and said I would be able to figure out what she was doing wrong and be able to show her. After we ate, we sat down on the couch with our tatting shuttles and an old Learn How book with some tatting directions. I finally caught on to putting the ds stitches on the shuttle thread instead of the other, but my ds were inside the ring instead of outside --- my mother had left the room for a few minutes, when she returned I showed her my ring and how nicely it had closed (soooo proud of myself)!!!

She went to laughing and asked, "Why are the ds inside the ring?" I then had to figure out how to get them outside, from there I progressed very quickly and soon got really "bored" with tatting when she put me doing "Hen and Chicken" edging. She then showed me how to use the shuttle and ball thread, before we went to bed I had a Tatted Cross made from one of the Workbasket Magazines we had.

Mother was so proud of that cross that she mailed it the next day to her favorite nephew's wife (the nephew had died several years before). The niece-in-law took it to church with her to show what, "Daisy had sent that NATA 255 had made." The others in the family got upset with me because they had not gotten their's, but I could only make one a night (sometimes not that many) because I was teaching full time with a "double load" of a job [Speech Therapist & Resource of Math & Language Arts]. I did get all made that Mother wanted, and have been very greatly that my mother MADE me learn to tat --- she died suddenly March 25, 1985, just 4 months after I learned. I have continued to tat off and on until recently when I got my internet computer and found the "E-tatters" --- now 2001 is my "Tatting Year!!!" I have really gotten serious about my tatting and take it everywhere I go so will have something to do while waiting different places.

NATA # 256

My grandmother was a wonderful tatter. She was going to teach me to tat when I was in high school, but I was always too busy to sit down with her. She had taught me to crochet when I was 4, to knit when I was 5 and to embroider when I was 8. She had Alzheimers Disease and passed away when I was 18 and in the Military. I searched for 19 years for someone to teach me to tat. I asked everyone I encountered if they knew how to tat. Most people didn't even know what tatting was, and the ones who did just said "no one tats any more".

I went to work for JoAnn ETC (fabric & craft store). One day while I was straightening the yarn and thread books I came across a couple tatting books. Another employee was assisting me and I said "Oh look, a tatting book. I wish I knew someone who could teach me how to tat. My granny was going to teach me, but passed away before she could". Well, she said " I can tat and will teach you". I jumped for joy.

I had two copies of a DMC tatting book that was very old ( no copywrite date on it) that were my grandmothers, so I "paid" her with one of the books. It took me 1 1/2 hours to learn what she would usually teach in 9 hours. And I have been in love with tatting ever since.

NATA # 257

NATA # 258

I've been tatting for a little over 2 years now. I found the DMC booklet in the craft store, but couldn't get the flip! My family refers to it as 'twiddling my fingers', I do it so much! But my 12 year old finally got interested enough to make rings, and my 6 year old..well, let's say she likes to make knots! :-)

Can you believe that, in all of Connecticut (we are a fairly small state), there were only 2 libraries that had any books on tatting? Luckily, one was a few towns away! Still, that didn't help...went to onto e-tatters...surfed my heart out...looked for videos...finally hooked up with Betsy Evan's who lives IN MY TOWN! She got me started, and now I'm hooked!

I've been to Hector twice. I'm expanding my work to include beads (thanks to Nina Libin), and am working a web site to display my tatting and shuttle collection..which keeps growing and growing.... Once I thought I lost my little tatting bag that had a favourite shuttle in it. You should have seen the mad woman search the house! I found it of course!

I don't know if I qualify, but if you ask my husband,
he'd agree ... I'm nuts.

NATA # 260

I live in Virginia Beach with my husband and three children (ages 11, 8 and 5 years). Our hometown is Omaha, NE. I am a lactation consultant by training and my husband is in the Navy.

My great-grandmother tried to teach me to tat as a young child, I did not get the "flip" until several years after she died. I have always liked tatting but since I moved here, took a class with Suzanne Welker and discovered TATCHAT (just recently) I have gone over "the edge." Two years ago I made tatted snowflakes for everyone at work. I am proud to say that two of the coworkers went out and learned to tat after receiving their snowflakes. Two people at church are learning to tat. And my best friend from jr. high is learning to tat. It has been fun to watch others develop their love of tatting. I hope that I "qualify" to join NATA! I can't wait to order a nut and shuttle!

NATA # 261

NATA # 262

NATA # 263

NATA # 264

NATA # 265

NATA # 266

I tried to teach myself to shuttle tat last summer... I did manage to teach myself to needle tat last summer.

I am determined to learn the shuttle before I die, if it kills me. I too thought tatting was a dying, or better yet dead art form. I hadn't seen anyone tatting since my great aunt died.

I am 53 (I think, my sister has told everyone that I am 90 for so long I can't remember anymore), I have a son with Down's Syndrome and a husband who has decided I am nuts, but he loves me anyway. I stay home and take care of my son, bake my husband homemade bread (maybe he is right and I am nuts).

I crochet, knit, and needle tat. I love the tatting; it is so much fun. I dream of tatting, I take it with me everywhere I go. A doctor's appointment is good for at least four hours, so the tatting goes with me.

I droll over Ebay and the tatting shuttles, and books. My favorite dream is that I finish a doily that I tatted with a shuttle. Since I don't know how to flip the thread that is a pretty good dream. The best part is that my great aunt is there and tells how pretty it is. Where would we be without dreams? I am already starting my Christmas projects. My husband's aunt wants 45 ornaments for her tree. I am joining at least one if not two Tatting Guilds between Seattle and Olympia, so I can learn the shuttle. To say I am nuts about tatting would be an understatement.

Do I qualify?

NATA # 267

NATA # 268

NATA # 269

NATA # 270

NATA # 271

NATA # 272 and NATA # 273

Here is my short story. My grandfather did shuttle tatting, when I learned about it in my 20's I taught myself how to tat.

I got good enough to teach classes at my local fabric store. I did not tat for years until about 6 months ago, when my neighbour said that she and her daughter had taken a class but did not understand how to shuttle tat correctly. We were watching Carol Duval on HGTV and they were showing needle tatting. We looked at each other and said we could do that. We got up, got in the car and headed for Michael's for supplies. We have been needle tatting non stop ever since.

Last weekend we were in line for free trees given out by our township and both of us pulled out our tatting to show each other what we had made over night.

I think we are hooked.

NATA # 274

I'm a 23 year old grad student living in Urbana, IL, USA, and I have been tatting for about 8 years now. When I was a young teen, a great aunt of mine passed away, and her son (my uncle) gave me her tatting supplies since he had no use for them. It took me nearly two years to get the hang of it, but I managed to teach myself how to tat using 80-year-old books and shuttles. I am an entirely self-taught tatter, and I tat with a shuttle exclusively.

I didn't even know needle-tatting existed until after I'd gotten the hang of the shuttle. :) As far as techniques go, I can do the usual rings and chains, plus split rings, split chains, and some beadwork. I've also taught my mother and sister to tat (just the basics so far).

Anyway, I now tat to embellish my own stationery, to make Christmas ornaments, bookmarks, and doilies for my family, small beaded purses for friends and relatives, and wedding gifts for close friends.

Am I nutty enough to join? I think so. It's not every day that you find somebody who figures out tatting techniques as a teenager using three 80-year-old booklets with unclear instructions and without any help. Double stitches and rings were pretty easy, but it took me the better part of two whole years to get the hang of chains, joins, and the like. I am nothing if not persistent. :) I tat like a madwoman - especially in airports, on planes, etc.

Just this past year, I tatted for nearly 3 days straight to finish a beaded purse for my sister's Christmas present. I also made bookmarks, ornaments, and even teeny tatted mouse earrings for the ladies on my Christmas list.

NATA # 275

A loving, caring nun who taught in the Catholic Grammar school introduced me to tatting many, many years ago.

Each of us in the class was given a small amount of thread (no shuttle) and basic instruction. Much to my dismay, I could never get it to slide. Every day, she read a chapter of a book and during that time, we would try to tat. I never did master it.

Well, about 5 or 6 years ago, I happened to see some tatted snowflakes hanging on a cube in the office where I worked. Seems the girl did tatting. Well, I was absolutely ecstatic! She gave me some instruction and I was never seen again without a shuttle and some thread in my possession. (Yeah, I even bought one of those silver shuttles to wear around my neck).

Now, I am totally OUT OF CONTROL!

I must have every pattern I see … it’s all I can do not to buy every single tatting book I run across. DH and I scour antique shops for old workbaskets just in case there's a pattern lurking there. After hearing “what’s that?” from people at the craft stores when I asked for tatting supplies, you can imagine my excitement when I discovered the groups on the Internet. Now that’s a whole ‘nuther story … not only have I given a new meaning to “surfing”, I don’t even turn off my E-mails when I go on vacation because I’m afraid I’ll miss something.

It was because of some well-intentioned person in the group that I developed a new addiction… BEADS! Bought a GREAT catalogue from Shipwreck Beads several months ago and even though I’ve looked at it any times, still can’t make up my mind. (It is driving me … yep … NUTS!) I do know that the things I’ve made with beads are spectacular! Especially some snowflakes I gave out for Christmas.

Every time I’m in my car, I enjoy the sun reflecting on the crystal beads in the tatted cross that hangs from my rear view mirror.

Now do I dare talk about THREAD? Although the shops in my area have a limited supply I have enough now to open my own shop. Yet, I cannot resist some of the beautiful colors that are available now. And to think, when I started, it was always just ecru or white. DUH.

When we vacation, I sort of insist that we drive, guess why? Sure it takes longer but…..

NATA # 276

NATA # 277

The Old Boot struck up a friendship with one of the neighbour boys.

He was about 13 at the time (not TOB, the neighbour kid) and he just loved to go fishing with us. Well, one day we all went fishing and I took along my tatting. Even though I rather enjoy fishing, I know that when we go for a whole blinkin' day, I'm gonna get bored.

Sitting near a river or stream and tatting while my hubby and kids fish and laugh and generally have a grand time is my idea of a good day.

Anyway, this neighbour kid saw me tatting and was very curious, so I showed him what I was doing. He immediately wanted to learn, so as soon as we got home I gave him one of my grey Aero shuttles (a new one, not a good ol' made in England one) filled with thread and started teaching him.

Well, The Old Boot just about went ballistic! His words were to this effect: "Here I finally have somebody to go fishing with me and you go and start teaching him to tat! Gosh darn it, that just isn't fair! Pretty soon he'll be making doilies instead of hooking pickerel!" (Language has been cleaned up. TOB was pretty ticked!)

The neighbour kid didn't fall in love with tatting. Oh, well, I tried. :)

Glad to be part of NATA. I should have joined sooner. :)

NATA # 278

NATA # 279

NATA # 280

I have been stopped more times than I can count by people asking what in the world I was doing. It's fun when they do that. Perhaps the following will be sufficient to prove how crazy I am about tatting. I heard the mind is the first thing to go ... boy am I in trouble!!!!!!!

When I start I don't take a break until the wee hours of the morning ... knowing I have to get up at the crack of dawn to get ready for the office. I just can't seem to put it down till I finish my project. By the end of the week it takes a lot of cover stick to hide the circles. I wonder if I should buy stock in a cosmetics firm ... hmmm might not be a bad idea.

Finally my "ex" hated it when I tatted ... notice he is an "ex" so you can see which was more important. Ha!

I am probably related to Michael Bolton way back. The story is two Bolton brothers moved to the states from Europe and disowned each other. One added the silent "u" to the spelling of the last name. I'd almost bet one of them tatted and drove the other to disowning him over the clicking noise!!!!!

NATA # 281

I was born into the tatting and NATA world..... well connected. I don't have the dexterity yet, but I am riding a horse with some help, and I will probably be tatting soon..... hopefully before grade 1.

NATA # 282

For years I have been known to carry one of the smallest purses I could. It would only hold check books cash and credit cards. That's until I learned to Needle Tat. I have always been envious of those who could make lace. I even bought tatting thread at a rummage sale when I knew full well that I did not know how to use it. That is, until I was shopping with my mother, in Oct. of 2000 and we found Needles for tatting. My mother is a shuttle bug and did not know any thing about needle tatting. We sat down with a book and she showed me how to get started the shuttle way by looping the thread around the fingers. After I got the first ring started I could go like mad.

Then I got to thinking how can I do this with out the looping of the threads that she uses for shuttle tatting and that was driving me crazy. I almost gave up, but the lace bug had already attacked.

After the first weekend I started tatting where ever I could stand and keep my hands busy. I would Tat during Chancel Choir at Church, standing in the hall waiting to pick my son up from pre-school, any office visit, well you get the idea. Now to where the purse comes in. I was not satisfied carrying a separate bag for my new passion. I had to up grade my purse. I thought maybe I could go part way bigger. That only lasted about 3 weeks before I needed something bigger to hold the ball of thread. Now I carry a full bag. I have my ball of thread, current project , needles, and pattern in a small plastic bag (the type that sheets come in the zippered ones.). I have a separate place to put the finished projects until I have time and enough to stiffen. I have now taught two others how to needle tat.

NATA # 283

One of these days I'm going to treat myself to some really nice shuttles. All I have are the metal Bates and Boyle, the large plastic Tatsy shuttles and a couple small plastic Clover. But, I have two plastic shuttles, with really long tips, which I purchased in the '40's ~ my first shuttles. So, recently I've taken a wall in the living room which I've started decorating with tatting. I framed a Colonial Maid I made approx 45 years ago and a 12" x 14" doily I had made when I was 17 (now 55 years ago!!!). Now I have shadow-box frames to frame the two shuttles, frames for another 12" round doily I made when I was 17, a doily consisting of nine connecting crosses I made approx 25 years ago, plus several other small items which I will use to fill in spaces so maybe the area will look balanced! I've given away most of my tatting, so this is quite a collection for me to have.

I learned to tat from Mom when I was ten. It was not until I was 17 that I had (or at least spent) money for shuttles, thread and books (books I still have). There were many years I did not tat ~ raising two children by myself, a regular job, 'trying' to keep up a huge yard, doing as much of the remodelling work as possible (removing old plasterboard and installing insulation in outside walls, etc.) and doing part-time work at home (custom typing at night after the children had gone to bed) ~ just daily survival took all my time! It made me a 'strong' character!

I still do not have time to do all the tatting I want to do (I do volunteer work at our hospital and with local groups) but suppose that keeps it more interesting, huh? I keep trying to reel in other persons interested in tatting ~ maybe, one of these days. I've taught three people (scattered from coast to coast) to tat and maybe that will mushroom into 300! 3,000!!!

NATA # 284

I am a hairstylist have my own salon in Aiken SC, and I am 60 years young and have just started trying to learn to tat.

I am working hard to learn, but maybe too hard as I tear out more than I keep.

NATA # 285

I am a NATA member because it took me 43 years to learn how to tat!!

Seriously I tried to learn this art when I was 10 and for the next 43 years I was still trying to learn it.

All of a sudden a few months ago I tried it again and Voila!! I did it! I was so excited and that is why I think I would like to have a membership in NATA because anyone who tries to tat for 43 years must be Nuts About Tatting!!!

NATA # 285

NATA # 286

NATA # 287

I taught myself to tat from a book about 7-10 years ago. (I had been trying for years before that but could not get the know to flip). I enjoy tatting and trying new techniques (or learning old ones). I am to the point that I can take an old pattern with mistakes and figure out what should be done to get it to look like it should.

We have a State fair in Columbia SC every year. When I had been tatting less than a year I entered a snowflake and won a second prize. I was not happy as I did not think I deserved it and have not entered anything since. Since meeting Joy and the local tatting group I plan to enter multiple items in the fair this year.

NATA # 288

NATA # 289

Boy could I come up with some "senior moments" though I am only 39.

As you know, I live in Oregon and it seems I could never find that safe place where I stored the umbrella, let alone where I left my keys. I have been seen rushing to finish tatting lots of things for the class I was going to teach at Craftworld - which was cancelled but we finally had the second class and decided to meet every second Monday of the Month starting in August.

Though I live in a one bedroom apartment and have no storage space, I have just ordered about ten more tatting books to add to my library of patterns and books.

NATA # 290

I know I attract a lot of attention where ever I go.

Back when I was learning, in 1986, I went into a little shop looking for a shuttle; the elderly shop keeper said, " Oh honey, you really don't want one of those. Nobody does that anymore."

Turns out he had some in stock, and I bought one, learned to tat, and have a shuttle in my hand most of the time. We never leave the house on an overnight trip that my husband doesn't ask, "Did you bring your tatting bag, or do we have to stop and buy a shuttle?" He hasn't figured out I don't need an excuse to stop and buy a shuttle.

NATA # 291

I have several stories, and this one involves my sister.

Gladys learned to tat about the time I was born. Mom taught her how using the string from grocery packages.

It was almost 50 years later that we were driving to Billings from Buffalo to meet her son at the airport. She was driving, I was tatting. As we visited, I made one of those unintentional design variations and needed to open a ring. As a matter of conversation, I said something to the effect that it had taken me long enough but I had finally figured out how to open a closed ring.

Gladys nearly drove off the interstate. "You can open them!" she exclaimed.

I did convince her that we needed to keep going. However, when we arrived at the airport in Billings, the first thing we did was her lesson in opening rings. THEN we went and found her son.

NATA # 292

My young daughter has been watching me spend more and more time on my tatting, she loves the shuttles and the pretty threads and finds the whole process intensely interesting. When my in-laws came to stay with us I didn't have much time to do anything and Sarah was wondering why the workbag wasn't being produced every spare minute as it had been. So after many queries of "Mum why aren't you doing it?" her Grandmother finally asked Sarah what it was all about.

Sarah roundly replied "When you're not here my Mum spends all her time tarting!" I had never thought of lace-making in quite that light before, but unfortunately the comment got such a good response that everywhere we go I am sure to hear Sarah explaining about her mother and her tarting.

An actual true story, but with children there are definitely no secrets.

NATA # 293

Why do I think I am "qualified" to be a member (besides the fact that I'm obviously nuts from my ramblings here *grin*) I started tatting just one week ago. I already have 3 WIPs (2 bookmarks & an heirloom baby cap) I just bought 2 more shuttles (total of 3) but they are all Boye (2 plastic, 1 metal with bobbin) which is why I was looking for different shuttles. I have checked out every tatting book my Interlibrary Loan system has to offer in my state as well.

And I just won a Tatted Hearts book off Ebay. Oh and let's not forget the local auction last weekend when I made my husband bid on a box of tatting thread LOL Yes, I am definitely obsessed! I am totally hooked at how simple and fast tatting works up. And yet designs can become so complicated looking!

NATA # 294

I found myself tatting in the dark waiting for my son to finish work at 3 in the morning. I now tat anywhere, work, ferries and when I'm supposed to be demonstrating bobbin lace!!

I am prouder of my first tatted collar than with my bobbin lace.

And this, from her hubby:

Do you have any other chapters of NATA, like ANATA (ABSOLUTELY NATA) or TNATA (TOTALLY NATA) she could join please, or perhaps she could start a subsidiary?

If she sits still for a second, out comes the tatting, she reads and tats, does crosswords and tats, watches TV and tats, goes to Lace and tatting days where she demonstrates both. She teaches tatting to the kids at school, she ... well, you get the picture.

She tells me if something doesn't have wheels I'm not interested (I'm nuts about cars) but in her case if it involves, hooks, bobbins, shuttles or threads she IS interested.

NATA # 295

I first heard of tatting when I was quite young, and "tat" was the crossword puzzle answer for "to make lace". When I was (much) older, and discovered the magazine called "the Workbasket", there were often tatting patterns featured. Just a few years before that, I had seen someone pull a tatting shuttle out of their pocket and work on a butterfly while talking with someone.

I finally decided it was something I had to learn when "Workbasket" published a tatted cat pattern. I had lost touch with the only person I had ever seen tat, so I went to the library, got books, and taught myself. I didn't like the results, and ended up putting it on the back burner for several more years. A couple of months ago, I decided to give tatting another shot, and searched the internet for information. I found the Tat-All-Tales list at Yahoogroups, which led me to the wealth of information on the net as well as a wonderful group of helpful people.

I have now completed one doily, and am working on a second. I now own seven shuttles, one of which uses bobbins (and I still don't have enough!). I have all sorts of ideas for patterns running around in my head, need a bit more experience before I'll feel confident to try them, although I'm refining a simple one right now. I've joined a round robin through Maus's website, which is both exciting and scary. And, most importantly - I was talking about tatting to a friend, and showed her some little butterflies I made/was making, and the first doily while I was working on it, and she is frantically trying to find her grandmother's shuttle so she can learn the wonderful art of tatting!!

While out camping, I was visiting with my friend, who owns the property where we stay. Back earlier in the summer, I had been telling her about how I was learning and practising tatting. At that time, she said she wanted to learn, too, and had a shuttle somewhere from her grandmother. And, that she loves doilies! Well, it took her all summer to find her Grandmother's metal Boye, (wow, did it look neat! all kinds of printing on it, how it was best for fewest tangles, etc, made in Chicago, patent pending, etc.) So, last week, I spent many enjoyable evenings "passing on a love of tatting" with my friend. Best of all? By the end of the week, (darn wish I had more time) her 14 yr old daughter was hooked on tatting, too! And the younger daughter was showing some interest. Who knows what I'll go back to in the spring?? LOL.

So, anyway, yesterday, I was at a nearby shopping mall, and they had a display of antiques from various dealers. I looked, hoping to find one of those rare opportunities like maybe a dealer not realizing what a tatting shuttle is, but saw nothing. Until... I had picked up another item to purchase, and underneath, was a Boye metal shuttle, similar to the one my friend has! But, where the other has a hook, this one has a pick. The price on it was $12.00(Cdn). I only had $10.00 on me! Plus, my heart set on the other item. (a silver cat ring holder for $6 - perfect because I take off my rings while tatting) So, if I can get my hands on a little more cash before the end of the week, and it is still there....

Also visited the new Michaels store, which just opened within walking distance of me, and they carry size 30 thread, lots of size 20 opera, as well as a selection of size 10. And, Susan Bates metal and plastic shuttles. Didn't see any books, but I only spent an hour and a half exploring the store! Will have to go back often, lOL.

NATA # 296

I have just learnt to Tat and am crazy about it. LOL. Well, I was kinda crazy anyway but I am amazed at how simple tatting is.

Isn't it funny how it can be so hard to grasp and then 'bing' the light bulb comes on and you're away. I am very, very new to this. I am just starting on my first 'real' pattern. I've made a few doodles and butterflies but I'm just loving it. I have 2 little children and this is the first thing I've been able to find to do since I've had them. I could go on and on but I won't.

Oh, I have joined e-tatters and Tat Chat and Tat-all-tales at Yahoo groups. I have sooooo much to learn and sooooo many beautiful patterns to try. I'm very lucky to have internet access. Where would we be without the internet?

NATA # 297

I have been infected with the tat bug! I eat, sleep and breathe tatting. My house is a mess. I haven't seen my husband in weeks. If I can't do it with a shuttle, I don't do it.

NATA # 298

I love to tat and have only had a computer less than 2 years but have learned how to do split rings and a number of new tatting techniques from all of the wonderful tatting sites.

Someday I hope to have a web page of my own.

NATA # 299

About 3 months ago I became housebound with a broken ankle. I am an accomplished knitter and crocheter, plus all the innumerable needle crafts of embroidery, crewel and needlepoint. An internet friend was so helpful ... She mentioned tatting was easy to carry and pretty. I would not be all covered in yarn from crocheting the afghans in the bed!!!. I was in the bed for 6 weeks, unable to walk. Well my interest was piqued and I e-mailed her back and asked more about it. Needless to say my mail box was flooded with sites to go to and even places where to learn!!! She also e-mailed a lady here in my own home town if she would help me!!!! I had e-mailed the same lady. Our famous Georgia Seitz, she was so helpful, she came to my house and gave me lessons!!!!! Georgia is a very good instructor, and very very nice. I am doing quite well with the needle .... now I am anxious to start with the shuttle!!!. I do believe the tatting bug has caught me BIG TIME, first thing I look for now are new patterns and thread!!! That is my story. I think my motto should be: " may all your rings and chains be on the right side".

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